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Patrick Charles Keely  was the architect, and this noble edifice designed by him is of Celtic architecture. It is built of blue stone and is 150 feet long, 71 feet wide, and the spire is 181 feet high, towering even above the monument of Bunker Hill. The church contains 151pews excluding the upper level, the church originally had 294. The interior is worthy of the exterior. Two galleries run from the choir loft along the walls, one on each side of the nave. On each side of the nave fluted pillars rise, sweeping into arches which support the clerestory. There are ten arches on each side. Under each gallery are seven stained glass windows, and there is one on each side of the vestibule. On a level with each gallery are twenty stained glass windows of the Saints, long, arched and narrow, and set in pairs, and over each pair is set a circular pane of glass. In the sanctuary above the altar is a large round window of stained glass picturing Christ. Originally on the reredos of the main alter were three paintings. The middle piece represents angelic host adoring and en wrapped in effulgence of the God-head; the one on the epistle side represents the Annunciation and the one on the right, the Nativity. Now there is on the gospel side a round picture of the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God). In the center above the Altar is a round picture of God and on the epistle side there is a round picture of a dove representing the Holy Spirit. On the epistle side is an altar to the Blessed Virgin and on the gospel side one to St. Francis de Sales. Over each side alter is a small, round stained glass window, "L" "R" and beneath each of these windows is a painting representing a sacred theme. The organ in the choir is a black walnut in finish, with a gilded pipes. Along the walls of the nave are the stations of the cross. The contour of the roof is along, half cylinder or tunnel formed arch. There is also a magnificent Rood Crucifix "2" that is suspended from the ceiling. There are flags that extend from the balcony from different countries that signifies a "Universal Church". The general tone of the church is buff. The seating capacity of the church is about 847. The altar that is there now was erected in memory of John Donovan around 1908/1909. Just above the tabernacle is a large plaster Crucifix. On the left of the Crucifix is St John and on the right is St Matthew. On the frontal part gospel side is a statue of the Sacred Heart and on the epistle side is a statue of St Joseph. Next to the altar and in the back of the gospel side is a statue of St Luke and on the epistle side is a statue of St Mark. On the base of the altar are three plaster carvings. The first one is carving the Institution of the Eucharist  the second one is of the Crucifixion and the third one is the Resurrection.

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