May 6, 2020
Dear Members, Benefactors and Friends of Saint Francis de Sales Parish,
Two months ago when we attended Mass together none of us ever imagined that weekend, March 7th and 8th, would be our last weekend to be able to go to Mass on weekends and weekdays.  With the suspension of public celebration of the Eucharist, these past nine weeks without Mass surely have made all of us aware of the fact how much we take for granted in life does not mean much until it is absent.
This 2020 Easter season is unlike any Easter of past years.  This COVID 19 Easter season gives all of us time to reflect on what the "new normal" times ahead should mean for all of us.  Sure...all of us miss weekend Mass...we miss the Lectors proclaiming God's Word...we miss the choir uplifting our spirits with hymns of our faith...we miss the organist playing the powerful Cassavantes organ in the choir loft...we miss Fathers Phil, Liias, Myles and Dan leading us at Mass...we miss the Priests and Eucharistic Ministers feeding us with the Body of Christ at Holy Communion time at Mass...we miss the vibrancy of the Youth and Adult Servers assisting the Priests at Mass...we miss the welcoming Greeters and the diligent Ushers passing the offertory baskets to keep our Parish the financially viable Parish it is.
Hopefully when the pandemic has passed we will do everything different and better.  No longer will we take anything for granted...especially the practicing of our Faith.
In the most difficult challenges of our lives...COVID 19 included...Christ the Good Shepherd speaks amid the turmoil and fear of the day.  If we listen with open minds and hearts, we can hear Christ speaking to us in the small acts of kindness and love we extend to others.
Along with listening to Jesus with open heart, we must also speak to Him by way of our prayers.  In particular we can pray the Our Father, Saint Francis de Sales' favorite prayer, the Hail Mary and the Glory be to the Father.  As we offer these prayers along with our daily Rosary, we can include all our own special intentions.  During these pandemic times may we always pray for one another.  In particular all those on the front lines facing COVID 19...Nurses, especially the Nurses of our Parish Nurse Ministry program, first responders...Firefighters...Police Officers...Emergency Medical Personnel...
especially our Boston Firefighters, Police Officers and EMT's, truck drivers and bus drivers, grocery workers and pharmacy workers...for every  man and woman working to help us live through this crisis.  We must pray for those who are sick especially those suffering with the virus.  We pray for all those in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities who are alone without visiting family members and friends.  We pray for those grieving the loss of loved ones who are unable to honor their deceased loved ones with wakes, funeral Masses and family gatherings.  We pray for those who live alone and for students and teachers whose classes take place on a computer.
We are strong.  We are together as one.  One in Faith and Hope and Love.  We are the Parish Family of Saint Francis de Sales!  We are strong.
Always be assured that you and all those you love...those living in this life...and...those living in Eternal Life are with me every day in prayer and in my private Mass.  Stay safe, stay strong, stay protected.
With every Blessing, Father Dan, your Brother, your Friend, your Pastor

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